In-House Vantage Vacation Rental

Vantage Vacation Rentals is located inside our lobby for your convenience and ease of check-in and check-out of your vacation home.  This is our second year working with Vantage.  Of course, we are proud of the relationships we continue to grow with the city's top realtors and rental agencies.  Book early!  Summer is coming.  Check out these links and more for  information and deals on our units. 

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Management Office

Century 1's Management Office is located in the main lobby of the building.  The office is small but provides all the services required of owners and renters alike in the building.  What really sets it aside from larger offices is the personal and hands-on service you receive.  The office is open from 8:00a-5:00p 7-days a week in-season beginning May to September, and 8:00a-5:00p M-F in the off-season from October to April.  The management staff, Val Hunt, Manager and Donna Marshall, Assistant Manager, take care of all building management requirements and working with the owner in maintenance scheduling.

Indoor Swimming Pool & Solarium

We've all heard of the dangers of heat and sun that may lead to serious health issues.  If you feel you need a little break from the outdoors, come in and relax in Century 1's cool and clean indoor pool. It's a fun-for-all break away from the hot sand and toppling waves. There is also a small solarium on one side of the pool.  Just be sure to wash the sand off of you before entering.  Showers are conveniently located on the side walk-out to the beach.  Lifeguards are not on duty!  Swim at your own risk and do not leave children unattended.

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Century 1 Security 

In the main lobby next to Vantage Vacation Rentals is Century 1's Security Office.  The building is monitored throughout the day by the management and maintenance staff.  In the evening hours, the security guards take over and make their way around the building checking on vehicles and anything that seems out of the ordinary.  The building is protected with security cameras inside and out.  Guards also help with lock-outs and late arrivals. If you need help during the evening hours, call security at (410) 524-5445.  For emergencies dial 9-1-1.  Periodic fire drills are set off to ensure they are in working condition in case there may be a real emergency.  Always err on the safe side and head to the nearest stairwell.  Elevators will not be in service during an alarm. 

Bell Hop Service and Shopping Carts

Conveniently located under the lobby entrance are carts for your use when carrying luggage up and down the service elevator.  Please do not keep carts in your room so everyone gets a chance to use them.  During the summer season, Century 1 offers bell hop services to guests.

Bike Racks

Bikes aren't allowed in the elevators to take up to the rooms.  Therefore, we have made accommodations for them under the lobby for your use.  There are two bike racks.  Bikes should be chained to the rack to prevent stealing.  Century 1 is not responsible for bikes.

Beachfront Sundeck

Century 1 has a sundeck with tables on the ocean side of the building right off of the beach.  Gather with friends for an outdoor lunch without sand and oil getting all over your food.  Then sit back and just soak in the beauty of the beach.

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Exercise Room & Sauna

Just behind the security office on the lobby floor is Century 1's exercise room with sauna and new state-of-the art equipment.  You will need a code from the office to gain entrance.  Enjoy that big and energizing sunrise view.


Oceanside balconies are huge and inviting!  Please don't leave your young children unattended on the balconies. Keep a very close eye on them and enjoy all the sunshine and fresh air you can.

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Credit Mike McDonald

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The Century 1 condominium is surrounded with convenient shopping, dining and carry-outs, places of worship, banking, and more.  Across the street is the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, public library, additional parking, Acme grocery store, Roses department store that carries everything you could need for your visit, the Coffee Beanery, BB&T Bank, Blue Fish for Asian food and sushi, Liquid Assets dining and wine shop, Kirby's Pub, and Trattoria Lombardi's Restaurant.  Eateries, drink and dragon putt-putt's abound in Ocean City.  

Further north is home to tax-free shopping just across the Delaware state line!

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